Savage Age of Thule

No Place Like Holm
Season 1, Pilot

Nimothan coastal village of Holm, Thousand Teeth
Nidon 12, 2212 AR


While in search of the finest wood with which to build a ship, Reinhard’s father, Hreidar, was attacked and murdered by Clan Hunters sent by Clan Chief Torrad the Storm Breaker.

The attack was in response to Hreidar voicing his views on the Clan Chief’s plans of uniting all of the clans of The Thousand Teeth under Torrad’s tyrannical rule.

Reinhard tried to fight off two of the Clan Hunters and was severely wounded. Seeing that Olaf the Rock, leader of the Clan Hunters was quickly making his way through the woods with nearly a dozen more Clan Hunters, Reinhard had no choice but to run to save himself.

However, Olaf and the others caught up to Reinhard who was forced to surrender.

Later that night, while tied to a tree and guarded by a lone Clan Hunter, Reinhard was rescued by his uncle, Abram the Mountain Man.


Abram led Reinhard deeper into the woods where he found shelter for them both. Unfortunately, Abram couldn’t do anything to help Reinhard’s wounds.

In the morning, the two made their way towards the Bilfummun Mountains where Abram lived as a hermit.

Once they made their way past the Twin Falls, they spotted Olaf and the rest of the Clan Hunters in pursuit.

Abram quickly led the wounded Reinhard towards an icy cliff. Abram told Reinhard that once they both climbed all three sections of the icy cliff, they could make their way to Abram’s hidden cave.

But with Olaf and the others gaining ground and Reinhard suffering from his wounds, he wasn’t sure if he was going to be able to safely climb the icy cliff before him.


Reinhard the Mender

Abram the Mountain Man


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